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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 31, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EST

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over in europe today, we have gains across the board, the biggest winner there dax in germany up 1.7% at the moment. and asia overnight the hang seng up rest of the market close d for the holidays. and extended detention former nissan chairman carr goes ghosn staying in jail without the possibility of bail through the new year. end of the new year. details on when he could be released. then security alert a new report out shows more apps are sharing your data with facebook. without your permission it we he the very latest and a happy new year, you're looking live at the fireworks from the harbor bridge where 2019 has officially begun. we'll take you live to more celebration around the world throughout the morning. all of that and so much more coming up this morning. senior fellow at the national taxpayers union mathty nice to see her here in new york an studio and mitch rochelle and
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market strategist at third 7 michael block i'm just going to sit back to will let you talk be i'm curious about the economy these markets. you maim it we're going to talk it be. >> l you know what's interesting the 2018 headlines in the technology world where dominated by china and i have a feeling that they're going to start 2019 the exact same way and china is going to be the story. >> absolutely an you can expect people on the left i think to be tweeting that -- this is the worst december since 1931. [laughter] >> for the dow -- >> underreported stories because we've had so much market noise this last month. market normally like divided government so that's one thing that i think we need to keep in mind as we look at what could happen in january and in 2019 is that generally markets really respond positively to divide government because it is that hippocratic oath of washington, d.c. first do no harm so the stocks that markets have responded so negatively i think that is an indication that some of the policy we've seen out in trump administration tax reform,
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deregulation is still very much an important part of an economic agenda and markets are reacting to that. we shouldn't lose sight of that because there's democrats taking over the house in washington, d.c.. >> last week the talk in virginia was the fact that -- s&p did not officially close in bear market territory it came very close. but it didn't close down 20% and that was a sigh of relief. we're seeing investors. seeing interesting dynamic with rally thursday and we have what i call a boring day on friday. in terms of volatility now an update today so let's see if we can get a little more boring here create a stable base and we can go from here. >> go up from here. yeah. so -- coming up this morning, expected usa contributor is here and comes collapse of china author gordon lip out president andy with wisconsin congressman house financial services sub committee chairman, sean duffy and hilton capital management chief strategist and bank analyst dick and we have we we s
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dressed for new year's eve you can't miss that. to our top story is this hour ending year on high note futures are rallying on signs of trade optimism between washington and beijing. over the weekend well on saturday, president trump tweeted that, quote, big progress is being made following his phone call with china president xi jinping but potential break through will likely provide little relief to investors all three remain on trab for their worst year since the financial crisis. the dow and s&p on pace to see their worst december i told you 1931 anything for left to reminding me about the great depression joining me now james research chief investment officer barry james barry what will it take to set stocks on a positive path in 2019? >> it's -- it's going to take probably sentiment changing, and a solid economy rather than a worrisome
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economy. we think we're in transition i was there for the birth of my three kids and alex will tell you transition was worst time so we're going through a transition in our markets going from these very expensive stocks more towards evaluation oriented stocks, companies with with good earnings this year. this year, companies with no earnings up over 30%. company with earnings didn't doing. so that's the change i think it is going to be exciting for most investors because they don't buy those companies without earnings, and so -- i really think that there's sol great opportunities out there. and with the prices down a little bit, this is a good buying opportunity. >> barry good morning mitch rochelle we tacked to top of the show about china being a big story that's likely going to be the case clearly into the first quarter because a deal is not really due until march first between now and then we have earning season is there any sector you're worried about from an earnings perspective in fourth quarter that could really influence the market and fits
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direction into 2019? >> yes. obviously, companies that are affected by the trade concerns that we have definitely that's one of the areas. so the industrial area, and technology which is really focused on international sales may have a little bit rougher period of time. we're having a natural slowdown we have 25% quarter after quarter in 2018 earnings gains so we're going to see lower than that as we go into 2019 and i think that's weighing on's minds and whole thing with china is serious it is not just the trade contraction right now. and that's going to affect the whole world. >> yeah. indeed we have data that came out last night pmi going below 50 and lowest in -- almost three years. barry, you talk about transition earlier. growth stocks until the recent
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selloff really led the market for a very long time most of it last year. most of this year excuse me already on to 2019 so in 2019 on that note, are you looking for value to start out performing growth here is that what i'm hearing from you? >> it is. i mean generally going back to 1926 of all things you find that growth does better about four years -- and then it ends its cycle of outperforming value. we've gone over 11 years in last threer yew it has been all high, high px e stocks and very expensive stocks so we're seeing that shift. even this last quarter, we're value is starting to hold up not that it is going up but it is not going down as much and we think that shift is coming and it is going to come in full force and we think it is going to be a really, really good year for more value oriented type of stock. >> you raise are issue of divided government but it is possible that the lawmakers and
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even the president and people who work for him can do more harm than good? because i would argue we're talking about trade -- and china, and things like that. but really what kicked off this selloff with interest rates are went up -- went up too much and too quickly even the rates that the market controls. this was all in lock step with the tenure going to almost 3 and a quarter. so again we're going to get more jawboning about fed more anger at the fed. or actually action against the feds because i think that's one thing that people will be paying attention to out of d.c.. j i think markets are just desperately seeking certainty so one of the difficulties d.c. right now is that we have policymakers in form of administration and congress really heavily talking about the fed in way that they haven't in the past markets don't know how to incorporate that kind of activity they don't understand that kind of political pressure on what they see as up until this point probably a political body so i think over next couple
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of months interesting to see how markets are to price in that sort of political pressure on a body that is supposed to be immune from that kind of -- that kind of rhetoric. >> i would argue it has never been a political we didn't hear it be from the president of the united states or even see it on twitter. so i guess -- again it is why anybody surprised and the president will say this. >> a question for me moving forward is skep it egg who is say it is true that earnings story is ones that going to dictate growth in the majority next year. what we do when this still plus is running out of taxes to guide business decision what is does that mean for investors that's the question. >> spotlight is on record settings as a number of unicorn companies gear up for their debuts. big names including über, lyft, pin interest airbnb and slack all in the -- set to go public or in pipeline, barry will this be able to happen? because we've had kathleen smith
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on this program saying that performance of ipo lately and last half of this year has been so lousy it is public that the -- market for ipo is actually shutdown where companies just can't go public because there are no buyers there. what do you say? >> it's going to be a real challenge i think. because some of have no earns and seen e over and over again ipo are not good to own in the the first year like facebook if you stay away from the first year you would have been great and bought it after things sold out one of the things we're seeing, though, is companies you know people inside them are buying back shares that's a good thing. so -- they have some support for the market in that way but i don't think that these urine unicorns are rainbowy when they first come out this coming year.
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>> beary thank you very much for that and a i'll point out, you would have saved a lot of money if you would have stayed away from facebook in the last year of the tech titans its loss almost one quarter of its value. in 2018 -- on that note we'll talk more about the markets coming up, but we have some very sad news to report. this morning, as some of you may know bre payton staff writer for federalist and frequent guest on fox news channel and fox business network including this program, has died. she was only 26. friends report ared that she contracted the 1n1 virus and support for for her friends and people really everywhere all over social media we would like to extend condolences to her family and friends. we'll be right back. the day after chemo shouldn't mean going back to
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dow futures right now look at them go if only been this way in the last month but right now a gain on dow futures kind of wrap up what has been really rotten month for stocks on a positive note. to ring in 2019 -- meantime a massive man hunt underway in texas for a man who killed a seven-year-old girl. cheryl is cheryl has the kls. >> police in harris county say that suspect is a white man in his 40s with a beard, he allegedly opened fir on a vehicle which killed the parking lots girl and also injured her mother. the victims relieved in wal-mart store at that time two otherses in the vehicle were not hurt. carlos ghosn should remain behind bars without the possibility of bail until january 11th. ghosn has been held in custody for six weeking following initial arrest for allegingedly underreporting his income he was
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arrested for a third time on december 1st. under the law each arrest allow prosecutors to hold suspects up to 22 days without bail. if the court approved -- well for the final weekend of 2018 aqua man came out on top of the box office. ♪ saved my home and people that i love. >> you think -- two different worlds. that is exactly why you are worthy movie brought in over 51 million that brings domestic total for this movie to 188 million dollars. it is considered one of the biggest hits of the year and mary popularren and rounding out top five bumblebee fight or man into the burst and mule, with the one movie that didn't fair so well was the dick chainny advice that brought in 17.7 million but that was considered an underwhelming amount with 60
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million to make the movie. but the reviews of vice we should say dagen has been great and acting the reviews for acting have been great in the film so i don't know. >> they're clouded by politics i would argue cheryl that -- i will predict this. that they're going to wind up nominating that entire cast for every imaginable award right? academy award, and then nobody is beginning to watch the academy awards. [laughter] because again, i read one really bad review at the movie. >> yeah going tonight to see vice. >> why? >> because we're going with with friends big liberals and make good conversation afterwards. >> you can use that where's since 1931 that will keep the peace. >> keep them going. [laughter] >> you couldn't pay me to go see a political movie --
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[laughter] over holidayses no twitter, no political movies. coming up, new privacy concerns a bombshell report says popular apps including trip advisor shared user data with facebook. without permission -- the fallout straight ahead. plus an out of the world record, nasa new horizons set to make history by making its most distant fly by ever on new year's day. ♪
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a cyberattack disrupting major u.s. newspapers over the weekend. the target in these attacks tribune publishing parent behind papers including chicago tribune, baltimore sun and new york "daily news" company was able to find a work around and paper delivery is planned to be back to normal today. but what to make of this? what are the greater implications joining me now hot shot field robert good to see you what do you make of this attack and disease it look like sympathetic we've seen before? >> so this is -- what is reported is ran aresomeware and historically holds data for ransom and makes, you know, victim pay to get their data back. in this case it seems that they are attacking essentially you know the infrastructure of the -- network of the publisher to hold their processes and systems hostage so they can't print or add certain functions and systems, and that way they will
6:21 am
charge them ransom so they can go back online and they see it is a high value target. >> robert. good morning, what do businesses do to sort of prevent this because it seems to me this is not a new phenomenon but businesses are still unders invested in terms of being preventive rather than training employee or the like preventing to not let this happen to them. pfnlg yeah. so two things beginning on here. there's a preventive part it a second but they have redundant systems and should have systems that will allow them to go back onis line pretty quickly by essentially flipping a switch. otherwise proactively you know there's all kinds of hardware security and training antivirus and spyware and having a virtual private to wi-fi networks that is environmental stuff but the how they get paid they find their way in if you don't have defenses up 24/7.
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>> hey, robert, it seems like, you know, these attacks are et geeing more prief lent and sophisticated we have a electronic show coming up in vegas this coming week everyone is excited about it and hear all about internet of things. are are all of these device that are going to have some sort of connection are these especially vol necial what are companies doing to protect consumers and users of these devises? >> yeah these devices we call them end points right and end point is iot camera it could be printer if those aren't properly secured that's the back door easier path of least resistance to get in quick to get hardware out and don't necessarily think about application security process and so it is only discovered as it is a flaw and vulnerable so they patch is so consumers, businesses they should do what they can to update their firmware and update software making sure they're proactive regarding all of their devices security. >> i want to move on to this stir a new privacy worry we're
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talking about consumers, there's a new report from privacy international sited by financial times saying at least 20 out of the 34 popular android apps including kayak, sky scanner trip advisor and my fitness pal are are sharing data with facebook without consumer con sent so it wasn't just facebook. just opening the door to at developers with our data which was really the cambridge analytica scandal but also moving in the other direction facebook stock lost about a quarter of his value in the last -- this year. robert your reaction to this? what does it stop? >> you know it is not gong to stop so you have a fitness tracker and out connected right it is not going to stop. they're going it always find a way to monetize data and yeah you know you have all types of, you know, laws in place. european, american, that is designed to prevent it. but they're still beginning to
6:24 am
do it in a way shape or form and apologize iter la and in the end you know they're getting fade so why not? the -- the here you have a fitness tracker that you have connected to your phone and you'll allow facebook to access data in some way because you might have agreed to it and that's sending you know your heart rate maybe, your location data, your pulse whether you have high blood pressure do you want facebook knowing that and advertisers and marketing knowing that and a do you want insurance companies knowing that so up to you to disconnect and not allow that had to happen. >> given the fact that these social media companies are rgt tay of washington, kind of finally in last year, to some comedic effect in some of these hearings what happens in the new year? because again that is one of the major questions for -- technology investors, regulation -- >> we haven't actually seen as a much of exposure of tech companies to capitol hill as i
6:25 am
think we will in coming year because democrats now have those juiced up oversight responsibilities taking over a chamber of congress. i think we will certainly see a lot of this directed at tech but as we just saw this is not simply a tech problem but facebook take the load of the krit are schism on these data protection concerns as it should because it doesn't do enough to protect our data but listen all of these companies are profiting on data as well this is no longer just a tech company problem. it is a wholesale consumer problem because every company collects data on you we forget it is not just about companies amassing consumer bus what they do with that consumer data so this needs it be a long-term goal of regulator and i'm not someone who thinks we need to get them to step in right away but i think ifs there's oversight of companies, it needs to be that focus on data, securing data for consumers, instead of saying that one company is at fault here. >> robert a final word to you because i bought my mother a kindle, for the holidays when went to set it up one of the first things that device ask is
6:26 am
would you like to connect to your pouk account and answer of course no so ultimately up to consumer to do something about this like you you said. >> unfortunately public they see these free services and with it they don't realize they are the product. and they are what is for sale and until you as a consumer recognize that, you're going to keep freely sharing data ultimately bit by big companies. >> robert good to see you and happy new year to you. robert -- on that note nice to see you. coming up, changing course on syria. senator lindsey graham saying he's reassured about president trump's plan to withdraw troops from the country. >> he told me some things i didn't know. that make me feel a lot better about where we're headed in syria. the administration latest plans coming up, plus whole foods expanding details on amazon proposal to add more upscale grocery stores across the country.
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welcome back i'm in for maria bartiromo. tom news at 6:30 eastern.
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bulls tick taking run moving to plus side on hopes those possible easing trade tensions with china a 209 point gain on the dow futures the markets will be trading all day long. today as is the custom. trying to reverse some of december's big losses. all three major market gauges down roughly 10% for the month. and a i want to point out that the small cap stocks and still in bear market the transports, sell in a bear market down more than 20% from the recent high. the market this year, not a pretty picture. the dow is down 6.7% for 2018. the s&p shedding 7% and nasdaq composite down less than 5%. but all three of those gauges in the red in 2018. in europe today we have a slight loss on the 100 and those markets wrap up the -- 2018 the french and german marketses are heading to plus side. in asia overnight all of the
6:31 am
marketses there were closed except the hang seng, gaining 1.3%. u.s. government is in second week of a partial shutdown with neither side appearing to budge. senator lindsey graham met with the president yesterday and spoke to reporters about how this shutdown could end. the question is can we stop hating enough up here to be a win/win, the president was upbeat. he was in a very good mood. and i think he's receptive to making a deal if it achieves his goals of secure our border. >> well the president did say when he met with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer i am proud to shutdown the government for border security. it was before the shutdown happened. meantime president trump laying blame on the democrats for the death of two children at the border. obamacare gets a lifeline, the federal judge who ruled the act
6:32 am
unconstitutional now saying it can stand as is while his judgment goes under appeal what it will mean for your health care coverage your insurance coverage coming up. then a prime expansion details on amazon reported plans to build out whole foods brand across the united states, and finding a fine wine, for the corks start flying tonight we have best bottling you need to buy to make your new year celebrations bright. they will have some bubbles in them i promise you that. to our top story this half hour troop withdraw in syria after president announced the plans earlier this month. some are asking him to reconsider an had had lunch with the president yesterday, and senator graham says he feels better about the president's decision. >> he told me some things i didn't know. that make me feel a lot better about where we're headed in syria. he promised to destroy isis,
6:33 am
he's going to keep that promise we're not there yet. but as i said today we're inside the ten yard line. we still have some differences but i will tell you that the president is thinking long and hard about syria. how to withdraw our forces but at the same time achieve our national security interests which are to make sure that isis is destroyed. they never come back, that alie and a kurds are protected that iran did you want become the big winner of our leading. joining me now spectator usa contradict tore kelly great to see you what do you make of senator graham meeting with the president and how u.s. proceed with troops in syria? >> happy new year dagen am hear to hear that president trump will listen to some of his american friends and advisors on syria, of course, he made the decision to withdraw you know state troops entirely during a phone call with turkish
6:34 am
president erdogan and everybody was shocked by this including lindsey graham who had had very pointed remarks to make on -- on different fox networks about it and i'm happy that president trump is starting to listen to his advisors, of course, secretary of defense jim mattis resign ised in part over trump's decision to do this. i actually argued at the time that it might not be qiez to get involved in syria. it is very hard to know who our friends and enemies are, in places like that. but once with you get involved you can't just withdraw immediately and not expect consequences and i think people like lindsay grandma and others are starting to let donald trump know this and he's starting to recognize it. so i think this is very good news that lindsey graham said he was happy to hear what president trump more recent thinking on this is and we shob happy to hear this decision is being thought out a lot more seriously than at first looked when he made announcement. hi you bring up the resignation of general mattis, of course, a
6:35 am
lot of changes happening in washington in 2019. we've been talking about how the political makeup will affect the business world here. but there's a lot of other thing we need to take into consideration democrats taking over house ho of representatives new leadership at the a pentagon how do you think the president should maneuver moving into this next year knowing that that political makeup is really going to change and could change the priorities, of course, on national security as well with? >> yeah. that's a great question. mattis and think about it. the democrats have a very different view of national security and what it involves and republicans and they are going to have more influence now they're that they're taking over the house as of january one we have an acting secretary of defense, all word is that he's a competent guy but general mattiss was a strong is leader and someone who he spent his life thinking -- about war, intellectually as well as practically. and i think president trump is going to, you know, he's going to have a little bit of a hole there i hope he finds someone very strong to fill it. i think the president trump
6:36 am
relies a lot on advice of his people he does do gut instinct a lot of time but things like syria with a big picture view of things but he needs to talk to a lot of people who have more of an on the ground view of what's beginning on. so you know it's all of the different changes going on in washington and chief of staff new secretary of defense i hope he finds very strong people to fill roles who know what they're talking about and are not afraid to tell the president what he might need to hear but not always want to hear. >> right the problem that many qeive five and republicans have with a syria decision kelly is gut instinct felt like what we saw under president obama. that that was what -- people raved about for eight years and then boom same thing happens under president trump. mitch rochelle has a question for you. >> i want to go back to what you're talking about with vacancy of the defense secretary one of the things that was noteworthy in administration was how many military folks were in it. from chief of staff to the
6:37 am
defense secretary. do you think he's going to go in that same vain and stick with military folks or is he beginning to look to potentially put a civilian in that role? >> that's a great questions and, of course, when donald trump started we have quite a number in the cabinet some in thes were concerned about that. they're a little more suspicious of the military that i think republicans are. but -- but donald trump really has a lot of respect for military men and women i think we've saw that -- we went to iraq at the surprise christmas visit. i think that is one of the things that policy change afterwards he talked to people about what's beginning on in middle east that helped him start to rethink this view he has a lot of rpght for generals. and they're honestly the people that really will stand up to the president. i think donald trump is used to having him and cater to his whim and gut instincts he needs i think he needs people willing to
6:38 am
tell him the truth and what -- you know, the hard stuff and generals are certainly used to seeking truth to power as in democrats might say. >> certainly trade advisors have been telling president what he wanted to hear and so far sales negotiating -- vladimir putin president for 2019 president russia sending out a greeting to world leaders -- with a special message for president trump, putin said in a letter released yesterday russia u.s. relations are most important factor behind ensuring strategic stability and international security. russia open to dialogue with the united states on the most extensive agenda, your reaction to this, kelly. >> it is funny isn't it dagen now -- , of course, russia would say most important thing most important factor affecting international security and strategic stability is u.s. russia relations and constantly trying to build itself up to the
6:39 am
superpower status it has during cold war but let's face it it is u.s. power and u.s. influence. that the most important thing i think for international security, and -- you know, putin he wants to strengthen relations with the united states and at the same time host sending letters to assad basically supporting what he's doing in syria which is -- killing his own people which is something that president trump feels strongly about, in fact, had limited strikes against syria after assad used chemical weapons against his own people and he's also putin sent a away warm letter to president xi talking about working together in a very trustful in a relationship with china. so you know, russia is clearly trying to play it all ways and i do hope president trump sees through that. >> kelly thank you so much and happy new year to you thank you for taking the time.
6:40 am
so early on this knew year's eve. happy new year i look forward to seeing what champagne you recommend later. >> observing them from afar that might give us ideas for this evening. coming up, amazon grocery expansion details on the company new plans to add more whole foods across the country. plus a new year's record nasa new horizon spacecraft set to zoomst past an object a billion miles past pluto. (clock ticking) (bell ringing) it's time. time for a new kind of cloud. the ibm cloud. the cloud that proactively protects your business from threats, instead of just reacting to them.
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♪ >> a federal judge ruled that obamacare will remain law while this decision goes under appeal cheryl casone has more details on this. hey, cheryl. >> dagen interesting obamacare is going to remain in place as it goes through appeals process and that will be long. that's the word from the same federal judge down in texas that ruled affordable care act wases unconstitutional earlier this month. now this new decision means obamacare will stay in place for another year. judge claims the law became
6:44 am
invalid after eliminate mandate penalty back in 2017. but another year. amazon looking to add more whole foods stores here in the u.s. "the wall street journal" reports the goal is to put more customers within range of a company two-hour delivery service that means more whole foods stores in the suburbs and other location where is they've been really picking up customers amazon allege whole foods decline to dment on this and shares amazon higher on premarket also bigger performers in tax space for the year. well tomorrow on new new year's day nasa new horizon spacecraft is expected to make history by performing the most dispangt fly by ever to barrel pass space rock on outer ridge of the solar system a billion miles past pluto. and nasa launched new horizons in 2006 that went past pluto back in 2015. so despite the shutdown nasa says hey let's just keep going
6:45 am
into space then they are and those are your headlines. >> thank you so much cheryl your reaction to this expansion whole foods by amazon. >> all if last mile and what's interesting we've talked about this before. it cost on average $2.90 to deliver a package when it sold online so if you can take out some of those -- by delivering it to a store that you can control you can sort of solve that problem for yourself. so i think a lot about it is gotting packages that people bias online to -- brick-and-mortar store as part of a distribution so it makes all a of the sense in the world. >> lower in prices at whole foods. >> other the other side so thinking about e-commerce business merging with brick-and-mortar business and that business you know, more scale. j we're not supposed to route for big evil business here. but i will say this with prices coming down nerd robert -- barren, [laughter]
6:46 am
not you jeff bezos working with at a gym by the way here in new york city at the equinox nobody knew when he was like richest man in the world or one of them but they were obsessed with a hunky apparently body guard who was with him. a new jeff bezos -- negative that's going to get nutrient dense food in front of people with deserts in the country putting this way rather hear this than no offense to mcdonald's but i'm glad to hear this than about starbucks or mcdonald's expanding but great to get into neighborhoods and more availability and more access. so in vogue to be anti-big but you raise are a point that amazon can change the way we do a lot of things. grocery just being one of them and grocery, of course, is very, very hard a reason there are a few who have been very successful and you have transport cost not the acquiring
6:47 am
cost could be volatile watching amazon do grocery will be instructive for what it can do next if you can concur grocery you can concur a lot of things. use that to help them. inch probably true. so nice to see because we saw we've witnessed -- wal-mart be reviled and for decades for some reason. wal-mart and sam's club put out of business but my mother always admit she's like what because we didn't innovate is is she was like we didn't change our business we didn't change our customers we sat back and let it happen. so it's nice to see that -- that there's a little bit of a different reception for a.m. horizontal not quite. but -- >> hoping kids eat better that comes out of this i'm grateful for it. great message on this new year's eve. coming up, it is new year's eve plenty of people getting ready to pom corks we have a round of some of the e best wines you can drink to ring in the new year.
6:48 am
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♪ i thought that was about racing. not so much. new new year's in new year celebration would be complete without a glass of bubbly. our next guest can ring in 2019 joining me now magazine associate editor julianne, we let's start with something fizzy something bubbly. and it is pink. >> exactly. yeah so sparkly wine is as you'll see in 2019 is thriving
6:52 am
at all price points and new year's eve you need a bottle of bubbly to start first wine i want to talk about is rozi17 and scored 78 from spain, and it is tends to be more fruit forward than traditional champagnes so it is the spanish version of prosecco. >> spanish version of champagne more or less made in same style as champagne. >> how does it drink because we with can't open it. red berry fruit a dry sparkling wine with blood orange red berry spois. so perfect for festive with pink color. >> this is vintage 2008 that i'm holding so this is not under $0 20 -- a splurge at 180 but earned number five wine of the year. it is, you know, a lot of people are familiar with dom but this
6:53 am
one is special for two reason ares vintage was excellent vintage in champagne and retirement of long time wine maker richard jeffwa can i give away something this bottle is actually empty. [laughter] not because we have -- >> really don't trust us. with we drink warm champagne absolutely on new yore's eve if it was over 100 a bottle we have rozi. >> this bottle here talks about two trends in 2019 first being it will helicopter to be big in 2019, in fact, you'll find more serious ones out there meaning it is not just meant for sum time but year round so this year is diving into hampton water 2017 from the south of france. it retail around $25 and scored 90 points from wine spectator in addition, this bolts is a
6:54 am
celebrity wine again something you'll see more of in 2019 but serious celebrity wine meaning they haven't just putting name on the label. they're getting investment to wine making process, and this year is jon bon jovi makes it is with his son jesse. >> it is not just a bon jovi name people wouldn't associate with the wine. but the way it is presented it is a serious wine with kind of a goofy where name and label. that most people maybe they associate know the hampton and hampton water does that get in the way of selling something that would be kind of a really -- not a point french? >> the reason it is hampton water because they spent time out in hamptons so they found it in france and wine maker to partner in a vision. but the fact that the quality is there, so that it kind of -- you know, regardless of the name quality is there.
6:55 am
>> let's tack about zinfendel i chose this wine because it is a high quality california red wine that comes at a fantastic price point. it retail for $26 and scored 3 points from wine spectator. producer has a long standing reputation for making excellent so it is a perfect wine for your holiday dinner table. >> and then your wine of the year. >> right so last but not least we have -- this very special wine here this the 2015 wine spectator wine of the year it is a splurge it is 245 dollars. but scored 97 point highest scoring wine here on the able and this is a special wine. it is from the region of italy, it started off as an experiment and has now become iconic wine from italy, and the 2015 vintage
6:56 am
in tuscany our wine of the year. that was a first good red that i ever had. like 25 years ago, and it is -- it is a great if you get a good bottle of it it is well worth of splurge. >>capper nay blend. >> can people find it that's a problem my father always complains about that is people talk about wines and then you can't find them in a wine store. >> over 17,000 cases of this wine were produced sod you should be able to track it down. that is good to know. thank you so much. julianne happy new year, happy new year tack one or two -- or many -- maybe, help me. >> i have two cold bottles that i'll be drinking alone with my dog. thank you so much julianne nice to see you still ahead it is new yore's eve security out in full force in times square. and new york city police department using drones for the first time l before the ball
6:57 am
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dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mg dowell in for maria bartiromo. it's monday, december 31st new year's eve. your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. it's a green morning, it's been
7:00 am
a rough month, it's been a rough wrap-up for stocks in 2018. futures are moving to the plus side, 214 point gain on the dow futures, this after president trump tweeted about a phone call that he had with china's president, xi jinping, indicating a possible easing of u.s. trade tensions with china. we're showing this in the markets again, green across the board to wrap up this year. but it's not going to be enough to reverse what has been a really rotten month of december for all three major markets. they are down roughly 10% in the month. that will mean 2018 will end the year in the red. as it stands right now, if you want to take a look at the markets this year, we have losses across the board, nearly 7% loss on the dow, same for the s&p, 7% loss there, down more than 4.5% on the nasdaq composite. but again, what is really -- one
7:01 am
thing we have to talk about, not just china, not just the trade tensions, but the federal reserve and a rapid jump in interest rates a few months ago and that really rattled investors. and their asking the question is there going to be a recession next year in the united states, that's the question we'll try to answer. in europe today, wrapping up 2018, we have a loss on the ftse 100, down 2/10 of 1%. most of the asian markets closed overnight for the holiday. the hang seng hope open, gainine than 1%. the price of oil is heading higher. crude suffering the biggest yearly loss since 2014 and that did drag down energy stocks. what does this say about the u.s. economy? energy stocks i believe the worst performer of any of the indexes in the last year. we will dig into that. then security in the sky, for the first time ever the nypd
7:02 am
using drones to keep an eye out for possible terror threats in times square. we have the latest. and sears closing more stores, the announcement comes as the chairman announced a formal offer to buy the rest of the company. details coming up. all that and so much more in the next two hours. here to break it down, senior fellow at the national taxpayers union, matty dupler, mitch rochell and michael block. you start talking while i look to see how the year-to-date returns, energy was the worst performing of the s&p 500 sector, it is in a bear market, down more than 20% year-to-date. >> indeed. let's not for get, oil was making highs less than three months ago. everyone was talking about great demand and oil going above 100. what happened? a lot of it has been a negative feedback loop. we'll have to see if demand comes back, we'll have to see if
7:03 am
opec and the other players including the u.s. can control supply. thinking about markets that are under pressure, we were talking a little about the corporate bond market during the break and there's a leveraged loan market. a note i put out this morning, i talked about how we have the unknowns that we have to deal with and the little knowns, the stories that we're hearing about and apparently there's a lot of large banks that have a lot of leveraged loans on their books and these loans have been sinking in value, underwriting standards have gone down. will this be something that drags us down like subprime does? it won't be as bad as that but i will say that q4 earnings for the banks will be a big watch. i underwaited the banks all -- under-weighted the banks all year. dagen: investment grade corporate debt is having the worst performance since the financial crisis a decade ago. we talk about oh, the shutdown, oh, china, but at the end of the day it is about higher interest
7:04 am
rates, it's about a fed that is still on course to raise two more times next year, the balance sheet reduction, $50 billion a month is on auto pilot. this is an economy and these are markets that can't really handle much higher interest rates, given the level of indebtedness of u.s. corporations. corporate balance sheets were leveraged with some $9.1 trillion in debt, almost double the 2007 total, this is according to a story that reuters wrote. the fed was looking at -- i think the federal reserve is look alooking at all these bubb, bitcoin, technology stocks and corporate debt and saying we need to stop this before it gets worse. >> corporate debt, one of the reasons why corporations were doing it because interest rates were low and they wanted to do it before interest rates went up. the good news is, they're also awash with cash. corporate balance sheets are okay even though they're loaded up wit with debt. >> corporate debt is still lower
7:05 am
than what we were looking at in 2007 and 2008. >> i'm left questioning whether rates are going that much higher. >> i don't think they are. i've been saying that for a while. let's see what happens there as well. dagen: the 10 year yield is actually higher. it closed last week at 2.74%. it is higher than the low this year, the low earlier in the year in january was -- i'll get the exact number but i think it was like 2.4. it had a 4 instead of a 7. so it was -- they're actually higher than they were. >> they came back in from 326 a couple months ago. dagen: as we told people on this program, you watch, close to 3.25% on the 1 of year, that's a buy, that's a buy. since -- mike watts said that. coming up, an d andy lipow and charlie hurt, and chairman shawn duffy and hilton capital
7:06 am
management chief strategist, dick bove. don't miss any of those fine gentlemen. some progress on china trade, amid another warning sign for beijing's slowing economy. a new report shows chinese factory activity, mike watt pointed this out, has reached the lowest point in nearly three years, this as the wall street journal reports that the u.s. is pressing china on details over recently made trade proposals joining us now, gordon chang. will we make any headway? because again, we are working with a deadline on these 90 day trade negligence othe negotiatip up march 1st. how do you read what we're hearing from president trump? >> well, clearly president trump's tweet on saturday when he said he was making good progress, it looks like he wants a deal. clearly the chinese want a deal. they need a deal. their economy is growing, maybe 2% at most. a university professor a couple weeks ago created a stir by
7:07 am
saying it was growing no more than 1.67%. he said it may even be contracting. when you look at this manufacturing pmi which was released a few hours ago, it's really clear that the chinese economy is stumbling. if it's not contracting now, it's going to be contracting in a quarter or two. >> gordon, we talked in the green room about this all the time. i'm interested in what in china the folks are really aware of because state controlled media reported that trump called the president of china, whether or not that's true or not, but seems like there's propaganda for lack of a better term being filtered through there. what's their take on this trade spat with china from chinese perspective? >> they're not hearing as much as you'd think because state media has been prohibited from talking about this in a full way. that's been true for a couple months. they're concerned about the way things are going. so clearly people there don't know as much. however, when people can jump
7:08 am
over the great fire wall, which is blocks off the chinese internet, they can find out what's going on. there's real concern at the top of the communist party because xi jinping is being blamed for this because they're saying who lost america. >> what's the big risk here for china then? you're talking about contraction. is there a risk of civil unrest? could xi lose control here? it seems he's all powerful, the most powerful leader since mau, what's the big risk for china here? is this going to send them to the table here to make a deal on trade? >> it certainly will send them to the table to make a deal. whether one will actually occur is another story. but the point is, the risk for china right now is just losing everything. you have xi jinping who has real problems. we're seeing hints of this and they did not go forward with their fourth p lenum an important communist meeting did not occur this year despite all expectations. you have a number of sensitive
7:09 am
anniversaries including the 30th anniversary of tianimin square and the centennial of a movement that is important for the chinese. you have a bad economy. you've got xi jinping making belligerent noises. you have two chinese military officers threatening to attack u.s. navy ships this month, one of them saying they should kill 10,0010,000 sailors and sink two aircraft carriers. that's a sign of something bad happening inside of beijing right now. >> i think if you look at what die that has promised -- china has promised up to this point, and what the administration is hoping they will promise, which includes altering practices unfair to companies, forced technology transfers, but china has promised all of these things and none of them have come to fruition. what could china do so that an actual deal would look promising for the united states or is there nothing china can do because we don't know if we can
7:10 am
take them at their word. >.>> we certainly can't take thm at their word. what we want and what we need are structural things. first of all, stop stealing intellectual property to the tune of maybe $300 billion a year and stop their other predatory trade practices. xi jinping is invested in this made in china 2025 initiative to build technology dominance. in order to do that, he needs to steal more u.s. tech. as a matter of fact, they have been stealing for u.s. tech in the last year. what we want is something they can't give. they can make promises. i don't think this administration is going to accept those promises like previous administrations did. dagen: like negotiations after negotiations after negotiations. the only problem is the narrative, particularly out of the white house, is china has so much more to lose than we do but you have a market that's clearly concerned in the last several months about our trade with the
7:11 am
-- about china. weaken china? that weakens the entire globe including the united states. the is telling you might be -- market is telling you might be heading towards a recession next year. >> the markets are very, very short-term. in the long-term, national security interest of the united states, it's not something that the markets look at. they look at much starter perspectives. that's understandable. but the point is, i think the president needs to make some important decisions to protect the american economy. such as i.p. theft. the markets are not going to like it but nonetheless when you go through those small towns in georgia that are completely boarded up, it's a real sign that the united states has to do something for people in this country who have been disadvantaged by china trade. markets don't take that into account but nonetheless we do. dagen: it's why he got elected, it's why he got elected because he reached out to people like the people in my hometown where all the business is gone and all that business went to china or
7:12 am
went overseas. >> if trump doesn't do something about it, the next president will. dagen: or won't, unfortunately. they'll say they will and then won't. i want to get your reaction really quickly to this. north korea's leader kim jong un expected to make the annual policy address on new year's day. he reportedly sent trump a letter amid the stalled nuclear talks. your reaction to these developments, because again, there's report after report that the weapons fights are still operating -- weapons sites are still operating. >> north korea continued to upgrade its missiles and nuke facilities. they're continuing to produce missile facility. kim jong un is stalling. he didn't take advantage of that one-time shot that president trump talked about in june. so i think trump has sort of gotten the point where he's probably going to start to lose patience with what the north koreans are doing because they certainly are humiliating the united states and they're making a mockery of our policies.
7:13 am
so the president i think is going to pivot this year. the pattern was set last -- dagen: pivot like definitely not another summit. >> there could be another summit. i think drum is going to lower -- trump is going to lower the hammer. donald trumwhen trump lost patie brought down the hammer on the tariffs. this is i think the same pattern for kim jong u kim. dagen:kim.dagen: gordon -- kim. dagen: gordon, good to see you. we'll see you much in the new year. coming up, a last minute rescue for sears, the company is saved from the brink of liquidation but more stores are closing. we have the details, plus drones over manhattan, the nypd's overhead security during tonight's new year's eve celebration. ♪ boy your love is all i think
7:14 am
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7:16 am
dagen: new zealand already saying hello to 2019. cheryl casone has the details. cheryl: here we go, dagen. about 1:15 a.m. it's new zealand time right now so it's after midnight there. coming up next, australia, the country going to welcome the new year in about 45 minutes from now. meanwhile, security tight here in new yor new new york city ahe times square celebration. the nypd will deploy drones there. the drones will join more than 1200 cameras to increase security. that's 2 million people expected there tonight, we should say. campaign staffers for senator bernie sanders are trying to address a, quote, predatory culture they say was prevalent in the 2016 presidental campaign. more than two dozen staffers penned a letter calling for a meeting with sanders, hoping to
7:17 am
establish clear sexual violence and sexual harassment policies ahead of a potential 2020 presidential run by sanders. the chairman of sears is offering $4.4 billion to keep the struggling company in business. eddie lampert and the hedge fund submitted the bid before the deadline on friday. this could allow up to 50,000 workers to keep their jobs. meanwhile, the company announcing plans to close another 80 sears and kmart stores by late march. liquidation sales are set to start in the next two weeks. and dagen, those are your headlines. back to you. dagen: thank you so much, cheryl. mitch, your thoughts on what's happening at sears? >> one of the interesting things in a lost these companies is the underlying real estate and what that's worth and what we've seen is more and more and more store closings so the challenge with this maybe is that real estate is valuable as one would have thought in the past as we migrate away from brick and mortar. you're shaking your head
7:18 am
horizontally on that one. >> i'm not disagreeing with you. i'm thinking about eddie lampert and the nature of value investing in general. sacred cows, lock and load. eddie lampert, sounds like he's doing a great thing, he's saving sears. he's filling his pockets yet once again. we can look back and hindsight is 20/20, what did he do to this company? everyone talks about what a great investor quarter republicawarren buffet is.they'g themselves in a position to get deals that are advantageous to themselves and shareholders. dagen: the bigger they are, the bigger they've got pen. with buffet -- buffet and charlie monger, the bigger they've gotten the better deals they've been able to get. it's a snow ball effect. >> similar dynamic to what goes on with eddie lampert and investors like him, this is what happens. not a popular decision on my part. what else is new? dagen: isn't he viewed in part
7:19 am
as a business destroyer, not a business savior? >> he's a different kind of animal than they are. i guess he admits it. hats off to you eddie. >> for years, i feel like every single -- every other quarter we're having this conversation. >> as long as eddie can figure out a new way to restructure it and figure out a good deal for himself, there you go, let's call it what it is. >> we talked evolution in business before. sears seems to fail every time they're put up against the mark of how retail has progressed. they can't seem to get their act together. dagen: they were a pioneer in retail. remember sears homes, they were pre-fab homes delivered on a box car. >> a whole generation of kids learned how to play guitar due to silver tone. >> now there's 3-did printers instead -- 3-d printers instea. dagen: there was still value in the brand. >> they had multiple brands too.
7:20 am
they were in the financial services industry. they were in a whole bu bunch of different -- dagen: they owned dean witter. morgan stanley bought dean witter. >> i think it was dean witter. dagen: morgan stanley, the haughty brokers hated the -- >> they're still producing something. lawyer's fees. it's great. dagen: oil's turbulent year, on track for the first annual decline since 2015. and tax ideas to save you money in 2019, what you need to know when you file in the new year and beyond. ♪ ain't no mountain high enough. ♪ ain't no valley low enough. ♪ ain't no river wide enough. ♪ to keep me from getting to you, baby. ♪ i knew about the tremors.
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dagen: oil prices are heading higher on the final trading day of the year but it's still on track for the first annual decline since 2015. joining me now, lipow oil associate president, andy lipow. have oil prices been telling us the u.s. economy, the world economy is weakening but that the u.s. economy is in worse shape than we might expect in the new year? >> well, i don't think so. i think the fall in the oil prices is really due to the increase in supply that we've seen and a tribute really to the u.s. shale revolution where we're producing at an all-time record of 11.7 million barrels a day. really what the oil price on the flip side is telling us is that the grade of growth around the world and oil demand is slowing and that is what's pressuring prices and may lead to a slowdown, not only here in the
7:25 am
u.s. economic growth, but also worldwide. >> hey, andy, mike block here. oil made a high on october 3r october 3rd. what really changed in the supply/demand dynamic in the less than three months since then. what happened here? >> well, i think there were a couple of things. of course, u.s. shale pr producn rose and in anticipation of the iranian sanctions, the u.s. asked opec and non-opec producers to increase production and they did. as a result, we saw russian oil production reach a post soviet republic high of 11.5 million barrels a day. the same thing could be said with saudi arabia. then the u.s. goes ahead and issues waivers. there's more oil on the market. what actually also crept up on the oil market was the fact that supplies recovered in libya and knenigeria because we didn't hae the violence and sabotage that took oil off the market. so it's a combination of all those things that really were
7:26 am
out there but all of a sudden it was a confluence of events and oil started to fall since october. >> hi, andy, last time we saw precipitous drop in oil was in 2016. in 2017 of course banner year for markets. so does this drop show us anything about 2019, auger any positive news for the stock market? what do you think? >> well, it's really hard to say. i would say one thing about the falling oil price is it results in deflation and if we have deflation, that's likely to make the fed pause on interest rate hikes and that would be beneficial to the stock market. but on the other hand, these lower oil prices certainly are affecting the economies in the oil patch. you're certainly seeing a slowdown in capital spending in texas, as well as in canada, and both of those are really economic engines for both of those geographic areas. dagen: maybe mitch rochell, now that russia and saudi arabia realize they got played by
7:27 am
president trump and the united states, and i mean that in a good way, i mean that as a compliment, as we're starting to see cut production and we get a bounceback in oil prices, that helps those parts of the country that andy's talking about. >> yeah, and to that point, andy, i'm looking at the wall street journal reported a story about capital expenditures in the shale industry, if we do slow down cap ex spending in the shale industry, can that be ramped up quickly if oil prices spike and there's an opportunity to produce more again? >> well, i think it could be ramped up, maybe not so quickly, but we do have a significant amount in the thousands of drilled but uncompleted wells. so those could be brought on quite quickly as oil prices rose. but when you start idling drilling rigs and laying off people, it's difficult to get those people back to work. and especially in today's tight job market. people in the oil patch have been burned a number of times,
7:28 am
especially since 2014 so they're reluctant to go through these boom and bust cycles, you know, and put their livelihoods at risk once again. dagen: andy, great to see you as always. happy p new year to you, sir. thank you for being here. andylandy lipow. >> thank you. dagen: shutdown showdown, the partial government shutdown over border wall funding entering the second week and the brand-new congress is set to take over. the eagles could fly again, the reigning super bowl champs have another chance to claim that title, sports round-up coming up. ♪ free as we'll ever be. ♪ just as free. gather new insights, leave your data protected on-site, and put it all to work with ai.
7:29 am
the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business.
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7:31 am
dagen: wag. i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it's monday, december 31st, new year's eve. your top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern. we are looking for a higher open this morning, futures in the green on hopes of possible easing trade tensions with china. this market is so on edge that what did it take, a tweet from president trump about a conversation that he had with xi jinping of china over the weekend. a week of gains last week could not reverse this month's losses. all major market gauges are down roughly 10% for the month and
7:32 am
2018 will end in the red. right now, the dow is down 6.7% for the year, the s&p lower by 7%, the nasdaq off by more than 4.5%. but there's some gauges that we're still watching, dow transports and your small cap russell 2000, they're still in bear market territory, down 20% from their recent highs. that is not the case for the dow, s&p and the nasdaq. in europe, we have a little bit of a loss to report in england on the ftse 100 but gains in france and germany and most of the markets were closed in asia overnight, except for the hang seng, finishing out 2018 up 1.3% on the final trading day of the year. shutdown showdown, the u.s. government is now in its second week of a partial shutdown. on sunday morning futures yesterday, louis gomer talked about how he felt the shutdown would end. >> it's going to end at some
7:33 am
point because there are things that have not been funded that the democrats desperately want to fund, be it h.u.d. and some other things. but the truth is, there is nothing more important than the nation's security. it's our number one job in the u.s. congress. dagen: we will have the very latest on that shutdown coming up. and whether it's just a game of semantics, we'll get you into that. plus tax tips, never too soon to start preparing to file 2018 taxes. there's been changes since the last time you filed. we'll tell you what you need to know. then heating up on the gridiron, the colts beating the titans to earn the last spot in the playoffs. and you've got to see russian president vladimir putin hitting the ice for some hockey. let him win. let him win. [ laughter ] dagen: we have the highlights, more in sports. to our top story this half hour, shutdown showdown, the partial shutdown entering the second week with no deal in sight on
7:34 am
funding for the border wall. the battle set to continue into ithe new year as the new divided congress begins. yesterday on sunday morning futures congressman louis gomer discussed the urgent need for border security. >> there is nothing more important than the nation's security. it's our number one job in the u.s. congress, keeping america safe. when you hear democrats saying oh, no, it's immoral to have a wall and they say that while they're living behind a wall around r their houses, like president obama, i read his new home has a 10-foot wall around it. walls matter. they do make a difference. dagen: joining me now fox news contributor charlie hurt. mr. hurt, good to see you this morning. >> good morning, dagen. habe new year. dagen: happy new year to you as well. does this come -- you came out with this op ed. i want to get to this. there was an op ed this week, battling semantics, down in
7:35 am
washington. battling semantics at the border. you point out the frustrations of so many people in this country. we'll support a fence, we want a wall and the difference in the amount of money that we're talking about -- i know it's a few billion dollars. in the grand scheme of things, it's really a drop in the bucket based on what the u.s. government spends every year. >> oh, no, absolutely. and to hear all these people come out and clammor about the need to be tru frugal with speng and all this stuff after they spend like drunken sailors for so long. it's incredible. it's become a battle over semantics. the fact that donald trump insists on calling it a wall because -- and he has a real talent for making things visual and describing, that's why he's very good at sort of capturing people's imagination. he calls it a wall. all these democrats, barack obama, hillary clinton, chuck schumer voted for a fence in
7:36 am
2006 but i think the real semantics here isn't necessarily over what you call the wall or the fence or the steel slats or whatever, it's the word that so many people -- so many democrats on cam toll hill are hung up on is the word trump. they don't want to give donald trump anything but if you step back, the big picture here is donald trump is on the right side of a debate that cuts through -- it cuts across democrats, republicans. democrats and republicans alike, a majority of them want a secure border on the south. they are apalled at the pictures of people stream over the border and they're heart-broken when children die trying to cross a dangerous border because they were brought there not of their own volition but by adults irresponsible, reckless adults that are trying to illegally get into the country. the only way to fix that is to make it that there isn't a draw
7:37 am
to get across the border in the first place. dagen: how does this end? the democrats feel like president trump owns the shutdown because in that meeting with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer when they wouldn't look at him, chuck schumer is staring at the carpet, nancy pelosi is staring at the cameras, they wouldn't look at him and he said i'm proud to shut down the government for border security. they feel like this is a political win. even if he said call it a wall, whatever, give me the $5 billion, would that end the shutdown? >> well, two things. one is i think these shutdowns are always kind of embarrassing for the federal government. whenever they shut down, regular americans look around and -- but for what they read in the newspaper every day, they wouldn't know the federal government had shut down. they spend all this money and it has little impact on day-to-day lives. how does it end? i think the reason that donald trump said i'll own this shutdown in order to get the border security, only points out the fact that he likes the big
7:38 am
picture optics of being on the side of border security in this debate. how does it end? i suspect -- we've gone from a wall is i' immoral, hateful. dagen: immoral is the word that nancy pelosi used, i'l i'm immo. >> if they're talking about a low number, i can't help but think that they're going to -- there's going to be movement on that and we'll get some figure somewhere in the middle, somewhere between $5 billion and $1 billion or $5 billion and zero and both sides will walk away and claim a victory. but the truth of the matter is, if donald trump gets anywhere near $5 billion for his fall for right now, i think that's a victory for him. i think he's on the right side of the issue. dagen: i want to point out, lindsey graham after his meeting with president trump yesterday told reporters he floated the idea to president trump, it would couple more than $5 billion in funding for border
7:39 am
security including a wall with work permits for the undocumented immigrants who gamo the u.s. as children, known as the dreamers. that was his idea. he said president trump didn't commit but i think he was open-minded was senator graham's reaction. >> washington, d.c.'s look different in two days. nancy pelosi becomes speaker of the house and then she has to rule her unrieuly caucus. we don't know what victory looks like to charlie's point. we don't know what victory looks like for democrats in this scenario. they accept part ownership of the government shutdown. if 2 they can't reopen the government on terms they think are favorable to their base, they have to go back to the president and explain how they want to cut a deal now after 11 days of refusing to budge an inch. i think the spector hanging over nancy pelosi is difficult heading into the next few days. she's a very skilled politician. she has a very different caucus to understand going into this new year. and it looks very different than it has in years past.
7:40 am
years past she passed security supplementals bigger than any security spending bill we've seen. returning back the rules to speaker -- back the role to speaker pelosi will be have interesting. dagen: as much as i hate the tariffs and i think it's hurting the few -- hurting the ma'am to help the few -- hurting the many to help the fuel, but we brought in more than $5 billion in tariff revenue in the last year. so the democrats are going to be up in arms about had that. it helped the steelworkers union and they could pay for increased border wall funding or excuse me, border security fence funding with that. >> no, it is really quite interesting. lindsey graham of course has developed into sort of one of the most astute trump whisperers in congress and trump p i is wio use him in that role. and of course the important thing here is it's far more than just a physical barrier at the border. it is about interior
7:41 am
enforcement. it is about enforcing the laws from the inside. so all that -- there are a lot of working parts here. but of course, nancy pelosi's biggest problem is -- she's not even speaker yet officially and she's got as you point out a very unruly congress. she's got a wild bunch of cats and they'll be dragging her farther and farther to the left, not only in the first couple of days, but when they're negotiating with trump on the wall but for the next two years it's going to be a -- she is one person i would not want to be in washington for the next two years. dagen: dogs or cats or cute little goats that hop, politicians, i don't -- they all make my head hurt. >> yeah. dagen: they all make my -- >> you and everybody else. dagen: all of this makes my head hurt. at the end of the day, what are you doing for the american people? a whole lot of nothing. >> attend of the day, you're -- at the end of the day, you're
7:42 am
still paying the bill. so have fun di. dagen: when alexandria ocasio-cortez says congress people shouldn't get paid during the shutdown, she's there for a reason. >> even a broken clock is right twice a day. dagen: i'll leave it at that. charlie, a very, very happy new year to you. >> you too. dagen: my fellow virginian. i don't envy you living in d.c. >> somebody's got to do it. dagen: it's a very clean city. coming up, game on, verizon and disney making a deal to avoid a blackout before more college bowl action, plus putin laces up, the russian president takes to the ice with former nhl greats. ♪ time to begin, isn't it. ♪ i get a little bit sick, i'll admit, i'm just the same as i was. ♪ now don't you understand.
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dagen: what a sunday in the nfl. matt napolitano is here to break down everything you need to know. >> the playoff stage is set in the nfl. it came to a close last night with a few puzzle piecings filled in for the post season. the eagles shut out the
7:46 am
redskins, 24-0 and got a helping hand from the bears, chicago took down the vikings to give the eagles the sixth seed in the nfc. the colts are heading to the playoffs after defeating the titans last night to earn the final wild card spot in the afc. and the late interception keeps the ravens from falling short of the post season again. baltimore's run over the browns gives them the afc north title and keeps the steelers out of the playoffs. the matchups are set up, starting saturday with the colts and texans followed by the cowboys with the seahawks. dagen: that will be a good one. >> on sunday, the ravens play host to the chargers and the eagles who got into the playoffs with help from the bears, they will face chicago to start their quest for another super bowl win. well, black monday arrived in the nfl, the day after the season where teams give their head coaches the chop.
7:47 am
but two teams decided to expedite the process. the buccaneers firing the head coach after three seasons in tampa bay. the jets following suit, my jets, happy to see this happening, axing todd bowles after four seasons. a handful of coaches rumored to be on the chopping brocks, including steve will c' wilkes. disney and verizon struck a new distribution deal to avert a backout of disney owned channels which would have affected espn and local abc stations. subscribers could have missed out on college bowl games and nfl playoff games. and vladimir putin lacing up the skates and hitting the highs saturday as -- hits the ice saturday. for a friendly game in red square. mr. putin getting the scoring going, finding the back of the net for the first goal of the game. dagen: what's going to be the
7:48 am
best -- let's go back to football. [ laughter ] >> no thanks. dagen: they're all shaking in their skates being on the ice with him. what's going to be the game to watch this weekend? >> i think the cowboys, seahawks will be a fun one. i like colts texans, afc south rivalry. indianapolis is on the rice. dagen: the crushed the cowboys. the cowboys didn't put one point on the board when the colts played the could you boys. >> no one expected andrew luck to come back as well as he's come back. it says a lot to the power of the rest and rehab that a lot of people thought why are they delaying this, why is it taking so long? the proof is this, the colts are in the playoffs. dagen: the bengals fire mark lewis. >> seems like -- marvin lewis. >> it seems like every year marvin louis is being fired. dagen: who do you think winds up in the super bowl this year? >> my pick, i'm going chiefs and
7:49 am
i'm going saints. dagen: how awesome would that be to see those teams, with mahomes at the chiefs. >> two candidates with mahomes and drew breez. >> he set a new record for completion percentage. >> he's been setting records all season long. completion record, surpassed in touchdown records all season long. he's beyond age, unbelievable. dagen: we love watching it. this is what brings people back to the game. if people had gotten tired of it, all the sidelin shenaniganss clear skies. >> i completely adegree. dagen: great to see you. i really hope the seahawks beat the cowboys, cheryl casone. [ laughter ] dagen: coming up, tax tips and tricks, everything you need to know about filing your taxes in the new year and beyond. ♪ leave a message and i'll call
7:50 am
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dagen: tomorrow starts a new year. with it, some changes on, wait for it, your taxes. we're going to rain on your new year's eve. just kidding. joining us now, gene marks. it's been one year since president trump signed the tax cuts and jobs act. what do people need to know when they file? >> can we go back to talking about football? that was a lot of fun. [ laughter ] dagen: we're nervous here. >> what a buzz kill. it's only like 20 to 30% of our income, it's not important or
7:54 am
anything, right? so he let's go over some of the things that you want to know before you file. first of all, as we head into 2019, be aware that tax rates have come down significantly because the tax reform act and the standard deduction has doubled. we are going to see a lot of our clients saving a lot of money on their taxes when they file in 2019. so it is a really good idea to talk to your accountant and your employer, adjust your withholdings for 2019. and if you make any estimated payments, maybe you should reduce those as well. don't give more money to the government than you need to, particularly if you're in a situation where tax rates are falling. that's one piece of advice. another piece of advice, you guys, put away as much money as you can into your retirement plans. if you have a 401-k plan in your business or you work with a company with one, you can put up $18,000 in 2019. if you have an ira, you can put another $6,000 in that as well. those rates have increased. even if you don't have plans,
7:55 am
consider opening up a 529 plan. that way you can put aftertax money in there and then pull it out without any penalties to use it for higher education or any out-of-pocket expenses related to education. tax reform act changed 529 plans. so now you can pull the money out with no penalties for private school tuition or religious school tuition as well. those big tips to manage your tax expense. >> how do people know that they have changes to the tax code they need to accommodate this year? there was no new w4. payroll companies didn't do anything new. how do people know going into the end of the year? >> it's really tough. here's the he lesson that you need to learn. if you still don't know and today's december 31st, i'm sorry i'm talking as a cpa, you've got to take some responsibility. la. >.[ laughter ] >> my smartest clients look into their taxes mid-year, get together with an accountant or expert and make estimates
7:56 am
together. it's a big expense that we all have. you should be planning ahead. if you mid-the boat -- missed the boat this year, don't make that mistake in 2019. dagen: great to see you. next time we'll talk sports. >> sounds good. go eagles. dagen: thank you so much. president trump just tweeting on the border wall, as all concrete wall was never a abandoned, and reported by the media, some areas will be all concrete but the experts at border pa l troll prefer a wall that is see-through, to make it possible to see what is happening on both sides. makes sense to me, exclamation point. dagen: still ahead, a security alert to tell you about, a new report showing more apps are sharing data with facebook without your permission and we've got the latest on all that, everything you need to know, next hour, "mornings with maria." ♪ i would die for you.
7:57 am
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mcdowell. . dagen: good morning, everybody. i am dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it is mondayd 31, new year's eve! parts of the world already celebrating, moving into 2019 for now top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern. >> futures modifying up this morning, president trump
8:00 am
tweeted about a positive phone call with china's president xi jinping over the weekend. many indicated that u.s. trade tensions with china could be easing 258-point gain on dow futures but a rough one for the markets and rough year, all three market gauges are down in december, and for the year. this month we've got almost 10% losses on dow and s&p nasdaq down more than that, i believe, right now, we have sydney, australia ringing in new year can we look at fryers display over in sidney you can see the opera house there and, again, so, happy 2019 to all you fabulous australians, and as time moves on we will bring more celebrations during the day so new zealand, australia, welcoming in 2019 with
8:01 am
incredible fireworks let's talk about more about the markets, i was mentioned the dow is down so far this year s&p, 7% lower as well nasdaq only losing 4 1/2% but worst december since the dow since 18931. in europe -- 1931, in europe ftse 100 in england down slightly to wrap up 2018, most of the asian markets closed at or nearing on hang seng open finished higher, shutdown showdown, u.s. government is now nine days into a partial shutdown. senator lindsey graham met with president yesterday spoke to reporters with a message for democrats. >> i think the president is telling us what he wants. he is willing to do some things to get what he wants. so my democratic friends, there are some things that you want that can be had if you agree to border security in a reasonable way the reason we're not talking is because
8:02 am
house democrats have told us there is no way nohow you are going to get anything you want. dagen: the latest on shutsdz showdown coming up, a new report out that shows that more apps are shag your date with facebook without your permission latest, going digital how are a car dealers plan to make the move from showroom floor to the inter about webb, to break it down matty, pwc partner mitch roschelle market strategist like about michael block what do you have to say. >> happy new year in australia that is what i have to say. dagen: give us more than that. markets -- because i am i will argue this, the markets are not worried we are looking at photos of new year in sidney, markets are not really worried that much about trade, that is kind of a drop in the bucket the shutdown a drop in the bucket even geopolitical
8:03 am
backdrop, drop in the bucket it is about interest rates going up away too fast too high quickly worries about federal reserve technology stockss overvalued. >> our economy look looked great all year corporate earnings great all year only thing a potential risk was a policy blunder looks like we had trifecta policy blunders we have trade fed then government shutdown and what will the next two years look like when republicans democrats are potentially stalemating on everything, or the other direction start rolling back some things that we had rolled back. >> as i mentioned the beginning of the show normally defied government is a market positive what we have seen in divided government this year is the exact opposite so i think a little bit of that is pricing in the good economic policy we had first two years of republican rule but a little bit of that, too unknown unknown. >> particulate impervious to tweets now market is hanging on tweets right now. >> well, because of the interest rate backdrop that was the change it was 10-year
8:04 am
yield going to almost 3 and a quarter percent, that is really what changed the -- changed theed outlook now everything matters because people worried about a bear market and recession. >> powell's comments early october far from neutral then boy we got a lot closer to neutral, in couple months. >> i will get you in here in a minute to blake burman at the white house coming up wisconsin congressman house financial serviced chairmen shane duffer bank analytical dick bove don't miss either, progress on u.s.-china trade, washington is reportedly pressing beijing for more detail, blake burman has more for us, from the white house, good morning, blake happy new year. >> happy new year to you as well dagen president trump and chinese president xi jinping, speaking by phone over the weekend, chinese state media says president trump initiated
8:05 am
that phone call and after the president took twitter gave a read out saying quote just hood a long very good call with president xi of china, deal is moving along very well, if made will be comprehensive covering all subareas points of dispute big progress being made. now chinese sounding optimistic as well, afterwards spokesperson for its foreign ministry saying the following quote china fans ready to work with u.s. to implement important consensus reached by president xi jinping and president trump in argentina, expand cooperation basis of mutual best my understanding differences on the basis of mutual respect move forward china u.s. ties underpinned by coordination cooperation statement, make bilateral cooperation delivered greater benefits to the two people and people around the world seems a sense discussions moving forwarded hassett president's top economist last week telling me over christmas
8:06 am
break, the ball had been moved forward at least the administration feels that way. over christmas, next week dagen as you know a high level u.s. team is expected to go to beijing so we will see where this takes us, in 2019 with that march 190-day window going to be here faster than you know it speaking of faster than you know it we are done in 2018 happy new year dagen. >> happy new year blake burman great to see you great to see you last week too wi congressman sean duffy, good to see you congressman excuse me we know each other first name base. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you as well. put odds whether we get something substantive out of negotiations, china, i mean to stop this -- theft of intellectual property valuable assets in some ways stop forced surrender of technology sticking points.
8:07 am
>> they are i don't know, in america we have presidential elections every four years you know communist country like china have a president or dictator for life, they can play long game better than us, so i think that puts us at a disadvantage i would say donald trump's effort to use tariffs as a tool to open up chinese market and as you mentioned stop forced transfer of technology, stwaul get them to stop stealing our technology via the web, is making progress bring china to the table to sit down have a conversation on topics, i think is positive. but also we would note that that the chinese make a lot of promises they slow-walk us then -- you know last minute pull away, so i am a a little bit skeptical but, you know, in new year going to be hopefully too, dagen. dagen: hi congressman fellow businesscan cheese curd lover, a big point of contention new nafta renegotiations other
8:08 am
commodities from important to wisconsin rest of midwest has a lot to do with how we deal with china do you think going into new year congress can may a role in chinese u.s. negotiations, and, if so, what can they do to expedite o processes along? >> well, so a couple things, i think we need one negotiate we want to give that to the president the congress gives those trade negotiations to the congress we need a lead in the head point on negotiations the executive we want to approve those deals we are looking at deal right now though we would like to president to have reciprocal tariff authority so if we have china or any other country tariffs on american product, let's give the president the authority to reciprocate with tariffs on products from u.s., and you know, all president has authority built i don't think that clear from congress fp p we give mountain authority to say tomorrow i am going to put tariffs on your products that you have on ours, i think it would put
8:09 am
other countries, who use tariffs against american produced products back on their heels a benefit to reducing global tariffs and opening markets up to united states, again, that means, you know more manufacturing in america more jobs for americans higher salaries for families what we want to have happen. dagen: congressman this would send global supply chain into a tail spun there are for example, bmw mercedes, they manufacture a lot of automobiles in the united states benefit us, but they might use parts from imported from overseas number one i don't think that president trump sent any indication that he wants zero tariffs, why are steel and aluminum tariffs in place despite this new deal that we got done with canada and mexico? >> so, yeah, you bring up good point if you look at tariffs used by president, i think the only protectionist tariffs have been steel and aluminum, everything else has been open up markets, again, i think we have to come at this with
8:10 am
clean hands we have to say we do want free trade free trade is good tariffs to reduce barriers we have to do same as well that means the president has to take effect look at steel, aluminum tariffs, again when you talk think a bmw this is simple -- limit tariffs reduce tariffs for nontariff barriers to american produced products we do same here in the end open free, fair trade really good for the global economy but really good for americans, we can't compete with one hand tied behind our back, i would note china huge problem, in cheat steal and lie every president acknowledged that you acknowledged from it your program we find presidents willing to step up fight them on this this isn't just important for future generations this is important for all of us we are going to be a second class nation to china in 10 or 15 unifiers from now when economy is large military that much bigger are we better off dealing with china 15, 0 years from now?
8:11 am
or is today if time to deal with them i think today is somewhat of america short term chinese long term take longer term deal to the look at what is going to happen today in markets because of donald trump tweets or what is going to happen next quarter of -- of earning reports, let's look long term say how can we fundamentally change the way we deal in a global economy that is going to help the american manufacturer american family. dagen: speaking of "short term" you all aren't at work partially government shutdown showing no signs ending on both sides both sides here is former virginia governor mcauliffe alabama senator shelby commenting on negotiations listen to this i will get your reaction. >> president has not given an in which. >> donald trump owns this said he wanted to own military december meeting in oval office they had a deal, senate voted for cr to take into it february the white house con denied the vote, they took the
8:12 am
vote. guess what? he listened to some right wing -- folks on radio, has a puff masters. >> negotiations on impasse at the moment we i wish not so but we've got to move away from the blame game, with blaming the president blaming the -- democrats, pelosi and schumer and others and get back to -- doing what we are sent there to do, to fund the government. >> congressman what would you be willing to vote for in a deal? >> mcyou a ly says right wing radicals want five million dollars for a wall i note barack obama chuck schumer voted for supported wall fending fence funding 2006 and 2013 walls work democrats sportdz them just don't support thet because donald trump is advocating for them only difference as we look it is a officer singh shot in california by illegal
8:13 am
immigrant we have is to look at southern border security one of the points in fox for"fo friends" this morning a report showing from terror nations people why panama costa rica making travel north to american border a risk to security and safety. and so i think what was happening now is as we come into new congress, going to be -- on january 3rd going to see who does america proclaim what does america want to have happen when they kind ofaway in after new year season you are going to see democrats, republicans change their positions, but i want five billion, but whether 2 1/2 or 3 billion take some big number start building the wall. dagen: i want to get to this quickly before we go on that note, new poll by "usa today" in subjective fobbing university found most common new year provlgs americans 1/2 for washington d.c. you bipartisanship followed by
8:14 am
doing your job how do you react. >> dagen? >> 15 seconds. >> i voted to fund government before i went home for christmas, president agreed to that deal number one number two i want more bipartisanship to actually happen i am a friend of maxine waters we get along well not so much policy we work together a lot on smaller bills but taxes, obamacare, maybe border security larger agreements what media covers there is a lot more interaction working together on smaller more important he american issues you don't see in a lot of news networks don't report. >> i think we report them. >> you are welcome to come back on any time. >> you do, dagen. >> we will report them i will be on with your fabulous wife better half at noon, there you go. >> i will be watching, happy new year have a great 2019. >> you, too, congressman sean duffy thank you a startling flaw report he revealing which apps share your data with facebook without your
8:15 am
permission skip the dealership chase in store for future of car selz more auto retailers begin testing online ordering. of the ♪ ♪ ♪
8:16 am
♪ ♪ ♪ this holiday season, families near you need your help. visit now to donate.
8:17 am
waiting to on syria if anybody but donald trump did what i did in syria isis load mess when i became president would be national here oize mostly gone at the same time fighting isis remnants i campaigned on getting out of syria other places, now when i start getting out the fake news media are some failed generals unable to do the job before i arrived, like to complain about me my about tactics working doing when what i said
8:18 am
i was going to do i appointed out why is anybody surprised outraged the president is doing what he promised his voters he was going to do when he ran for president in the first place whether building a wall fighting for border security, or getting out of syria moving to faulty metal bracket blamed for jet bridge collapse at dwi airport if baltimore scary cheryl casone has more. cheryl: something else investigators determined that a metal bracket caused a jet ridge to collapse at dalt -- baltimore airport four paramedics helping a sick passenger on southwest plane when bridge collapse had two employees on bridge when it fell all six people injured have been released from the hospital. one headlines get carlos ghosn going to start new year still
8:19 am
in jail tokyo court ruling he should remain behind bars without possibility of bail until january 11 ghosn held in custody for six weeks following initial arrest for allegedly under reporting income arrested third time december 21, prosecutors can hold suspects up to 22 days without bail if approved by the court. all right. at least 20 out of 34 popular android apps are sending data to facebook that possibly is a violation of your privacy law a stie found yans kayak, tripadvisor send without permission as soon as they open the phone includes app name user's android id facebook -- a new history tool adds developers could turn off automatic data collection if they want to shares of facebook are higher in this premarket but, overall, not a
8:20 am
good year for facebook the company dagen the stock. >> is there any company has worse year than facebook? i am not sure. >> he are deservedly so cockroaches came out of woodwork with most private permanent information, i haven't heard from you so talk to me about technology stocks federal reserve rising interest rates, and tech stocks being overvalued kind of things that put the biggest crack in this market starting a few months ago. >> i am going to argue valuations of catalyst at it corelation who owns what how much pain what are they bioing to do fact of matter tech stocks, that we keep talking about facebook, amazon, wild held when markets start going down fund managers get redemptions pain felt bills need to be paid what are you go, go to go sell big stocked of that big runs we have seen lot of that seen a lot of
8:21 am
losses being he harvested into year send we what happens next year i like tech into next year. dagen: do you? >> i also like a lot of private market, shares that we were talking about 6:00 hour, we are going to see companies uber lyft go public we are going to see excitement in tech i don't think people are expecting it. >> you didn't like netflix up 33% this year. >> the i quantity -- issue picks on individual names, all that but the point is -- valuation hasn't put people off before not a catalyst here, it comes down to where you going is for growth growth is in fact slowing we are not going to see it tick up to 4 or 5% go where growth is a lot still going to be across the technology spectrum. >> valuations, mattered in 2000, whoa. >> a different valuation not dealing with globe dealing with companies that actually have viable competitive advantages revenue models see
8:22 am
where they go with it. >> fair enough finishing strong futures green across the board the last trading day of 2018, stand off in washington day nine partially government shutdown democrats gear up to take control of the house this week what it will take to strike a deal. ♪ i don't know ♪ amazon prime video is now on xfinity x1.
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its all included with your amazon prime membership. that's how xfinity makes tv... simple. easy. awesome. dagen: president trump continuing his tweet from p moments ago about syria, thefiable one in that certify east accept results are far better than i ever said they were going to be i campaigned
8:26 am
against never-ending wars. remember. >> stocks staking a beating in 2018 goldman sachs worst shedding more than one-third of value. management chief strategist dick bove. >> what does 2019 look like. >> bank stocks through 2018 the end of 2017 i think reason for selling stocks have gone stoke reacted enough from valuation standpoint that it is no longer necessary to sell them, the only issue issue one has to focus on, for 2019 is with whether in fact a significant increase in loan losses are not if there is no veef if loan losses it is time to buy them if loan losses are going up you better polled
8:27 am
powder driveway. >> loan losses i mean an economy week next year; right? >> you know i have been a big believer that the fed has been too tight, my view that is the president would come and stop the fed from raising rates, you know reduce their tightening policies i think the fed completely caved into the president's wishes i think you can see that in no longer talking about a neutral interest rates no longer three to four increases in 2019 if you look at buyback of a sale of if you will, their treasurys supposed to sell 50 billion dollars treasurys in december sold 16 billion right now 74 billion dollars behind, so i think the fed is -- is away as issue the second issue are banks selling anything. and the things that they sell are loans essentially even though it hasn't been as good as 2016, 2018 is better and
8:28 am
virtuallyly every lending category than it was in 2017 so we're seeing more i think easier monetary policy the only thing therefore we have to worry about is whether you know we are going to see commercial real estate come up, charlie leveraged loans going to cause great trouble? prime lend to go auto buyers be a problem? those thee things don't come awry we are fine. >> is it mike bloc he-- block mere. >> end of last summer wells fargo warned competition for commercial lending was tightening up competing, aggressively, in that space now big banks holding leverage loans going down in value on balance sheets when banks are most at risk for this? how susceptible is the rest of the market to this risk? >> well i think that huge risk out there, because basically,
8:29 am
we don't -- dodd-frank act 2010 took away all those protections that have been built in to the if you will banking laws going back to the 1930s, so now if we run into a major problem with leveraged lending, looks like we might, then basically, you are going to see the -- nonbanks actual companies you know going bankrupt that is going to quasi a cause a drain on bank capital banks are funding if you will nonbank financial companies whether guys lending money on subprime autos or whether the guys who are you know private equity companies lending money to you know, the highly leveraged areas of the economy the banks that, of course, most exposed to those biggest banks in the united states, you know companies like j.p. morgan, bank of america, you know citigroup to lesser degree wells fargo,
8:30 am
gold gold still -- goldman sach still expensive, the only reason it won't happen is if the economy spikes up again in the 2019 that will allow companies to get bailed out. >> great to see you a lot of insight happy new year sir. >> there you go, hope to see him a lot in 2019 coming up border funding feud lawmakers far from a compromise government shutdown enters today ten, deals on new plans to add more whole foods, across the country. ♪ your digestive system has billions of bacteria, but life can throw them off balance. re-align yourself,
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with align probiotic. and try align gummies, with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health
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dagen: i am dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo monday new year's eve december 31. top stories 8:30 a.m. eastern. the bulls are making a run, to wrap up 2018, on new year's eve dow futures off highs of the morning so far, but gaining 188 points futures higher on hopes of a possible trade tensions easing with china, in europe we have gains in france and germany to report, but slight loss on
8:34 am
ftse 100 in europe, then asian markets mostly closed except for hang seng gained modern 1%, but a rough year really rough december for u.s. markets, we got major corners in market still in bacteria, small-cap stocks to name a couple, shutdown showdown u.s. government is in its second we can of a partial shutdown with neither side appearing to budge senator lindsey graham met he with the president yesterday spoke about what is most important to putting an end to the shutdown. >> the president is firm in his commitment to make sure we are getting money for border security, and there will never be a 60 vote deal in the senate that doesn't include money for border security/wall, and i don't see if democrats giving mour money unless they get something so one thing we talked about is making deals. >> we have the latest on that deal making, possible deal
8:35 am
making coming up, then a prime expansion details on amazon plans to built out whole foods brand across the united states. and going digital how car dlier dealerships from if floor to interwebb the list of words banishednd for misuse overuse uselessness see how many you use. shutdown showdown partially shutdown in second week, no deal in sight on funding for president trump's border wall tournament took to twitter a short while ago writing i campaigned son border security which you cannot have without a strong powerful wall, our southern border has long been open wound drugs criminals including human traffickers illegals report in our country dem should get back here fix
8:36 am
now. exclamation point. >> is it joining me republican pollster, and where does this go from here? >> well remember in a couple of days there is going to be a new congress coming to town and i think things will only get more challenging for the president when instead of negotiating with congress that is still controlled by republicans, he has a congress that is controlled by nancy pelosi over in the house. going to make things more difficult you've got to remember think about low the different parties in these negotiations are trying to be supportive to responsive to president wants to make sure doing what base wants in his mind base wants a fulfill border wall democrats their base elected them to congress they don't want one of the first things that they do to be giving the president something that he wants. so i am not very optimistic that this has an easy resolution now there is something lindsey graham said there i thought very
8:37 am
interesting he said border security/wall. there is a on the every polling that i see that shows that the wall itself is slightly underwater very popular with president supporters but less popular outside of that base, if you talk about border security even journalling of democrats say they want border security the starter strategic play for republicans to really make this about more than just the wall, about money for border security, when the feed to do something about our southern border, and that is sort of framing you begin to see some president advisers move towards what is more likely to win over he a large swath of public opinion. >> that is the point i wanted you to make which is how much the wall actually matters for the base how much is the wall matter as a symbolic measure talking earlier in the hour how it has become a symbol for both sides democrats, of course, using it as criticism of republicans saying that we're not tough on security, when you look at the cross on
8:38 am
this what do democrats have to loss if republicaned take your invitation decide to make this a security measure where does that put democrats especially pelosi leading a caucus in just a couple of days. >> i think if democrats in the end turn down reasonable offers to secure border multifaceted has a a lot of different pieces i think can put them in a tough spot there is a defy divide over what voters here when they hear the wall a survey we asked when you hear president trump talk about wall you what do you think he means majorities said he means some fulfill border barrier fencing, technology, it was democrats that think he is talking about a 2000 plus mile concrete wall why they keep trying to frame it that way they know alleviate popular way for wall to be so i think the republicans the smarter move is to really talk about this as border security, the wall is a piece the wall
8:39 am
in places a piece but you are going to win the battle politically more if you make this about the broader border security issue. dagen: i i want this out we read tweet interest president trump earlier he said in all concrete wall was never abandoned as has been reported by news media, some all concrete border patrol prepare a wall see-through thereby making it possible to see what is happening on the other side makes sense to me fence, wall literally, a little more than three billion dollars apart on this. and arguing over the semantics of wall versus fence versus border security with nancy pelosi actually more alizing about this a joke, i want to move on because, again this is going to be part of what we hear in terms of of the rhetoric next two years, this breaking news, senator elizabeth warren announced she is entering 2020 presidential race forge exploratory committee for a campaign for
8:40 am
the presidency, not a surprise. let games begin because they are really is no -- literally be dozens of democrats running for the nomination. >> yep here we go, this is this to my mind i think is the first of the really major candidates that have been others that thrown hat in looking at this toying with it elizabeth warren one of the big nails part of that is because one she represents the very progressive wing of the party folks feel midterm tut wind in their sales she is female we to me democrats have felt very empowered about female energy helping push up to lead in the polls, so this is notable nl the first big name that at a really sighingfies the starterer gun for race other people every day don't announce losing time, and time is one thing in a campaign you can't make more of.
8:41 am
>> thank you so much, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> very happy new year to you. coming up deliverings to your driveway one more skipping radar dealership buying on line the top of the list of banished words next. ♪ ♪ ♪ the day after chemo shouldn't mean going back to
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>> "mornings with maria" i am cheryl casone headlines watching for you right now. obamacare, will remain in place, as it goes through at a appeals process. the word from same federal judge in texas that will be affordable care act unconstitutional earlier this month means obamacare likely in place at least another year judge claims law became invalid after congress voted to eliminate the individual mandate penalty in 2017. >> car dealers startup offering direct sales through web site customers becoming more comfortable big, big items online analysts says makes it easier to cross shop stores based on price. of the well, back to the future for the gm envoy
8:45 am
speculation that general motors may bring back suv after the trademark on name gm retired the name nearly 10 years ago shares of gm preparticulate final-day tradeing more than 1%. >> lake superior released list of words banishing queen's english misuse overious general mess. >> collusion tops list front and center of mueller investigation, optics, potus scotus, being a snomz for the president and supreme court to be used popular with younger people he ghosting, yeess on
8:46 am
list, getting old, lot more coming up big move for amazon to tell you about world' largest online trailer reportedly planning to expand its delivery service whole foods, that is coming up plus starting with new best friend talking to -- find dogs like this one a home. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ if you feel like happiness ♪
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8:49 am
dagen: i'm distracted we have doggies here starting new year a new friend one of the best things you can do this season is give an animal a home. joining me katie hanson on before, with animal care
8:50 am
centers new york a marketing communications director. and we have correspond delia here up for adoption she was tell me cordelis's story how she came to the animal care center. >> sure, she was found wandering around 15th floor of building by hers we picked her up a stray don't know much about her a complete love doing energetic, ready for a home. >> tell me -- the biggest struggle for you guys i know with some of the call them burrow bred terriers stigma attached like there is another you can't see but laudia in corner another rescue up for
8:51 am
copings, cordelia look at me sweetie there are issues with -- with finding homes for particularly these about animals, hi. >> in new york city, because apartment buildings -- >> i know. >> hi. >> love at first sight is that laudia is a boy, by the way, they have both been fixed i should say. >> in our foster program amazing the larger breed dogs harder to place especially in new york small apartments a lot of restrictions that landlords have. >> is it absolutely, hey cordelia look here sweet girl you are so excited give me a tail wag your ask you rate high more than 90% of dogs into the centers one hundred percent bunne rabbits if you
8:52 am
rescue animal if you can't find room for cordelia or laudie what is going on you can don't a bine rabbit lots of animals at acc. >> there are we take in all animals through our doors, bunnies great companion animals big dogs cuddliest. >> she has a boyfriend for new year's eve i think you are being so good, never met cordelia before. >> with every dog. >> look at -- >> great big for any dog any family that has dogs you love to put a little dog and big dog. >> laudie lovers all dogs are you open for adoption. >> we are till 4:00 for
8:53 am
adoptions. >> fantastic california took huge step to basically become the first state to ban the sale of -- you can only sell in pet stores, rescue animals, i think that is just a maybe will reduce -- help a lot of animals get rescued across the country laudie a love bug, crrdelia a date for new year's happy new year. >> do you want scratches, giving kisses, my heart just broke thank you. >> still ahead amazon's latest plan for expansion as it lays blueprint for more who will food stores nationwide. >> can i get scratches? do you want -- yeah. thank you for the kisses. thank you for the kisses. ♪ ♪ isn't she lovely, isn't she ♪
8:54 am
8:55 am
i want some more what's he doin? but, he can't look at him! it's just not done! please sir. i want some more more? more? more? more? please sir he has asked for... thank you
8:56 am
what? well he did say please sir yes he did and, thank you yeah. and thank you he's a wonderful boy (laugh) a delightful boy (all boys): thank you, thank you, thank you. >> it is great it see some green across the screen as we wrap up 2018 for the stock market. it will not be enough to reclip what has been really dismal few months on wall street gerri willis on the floor at the new york stocks exchange always a ray of sunshine wrap it up for
8:57 am
us lady. >> let me tell you we're looking at is this screen happy down here because last year 2018, still very bad. we're december down 10% you're looking at now what we're looking at for this morning up 196 points for the month down 10% on major indexes you look at the year, the best performance with down about 4.6% that was a nasdaq you can see the doug and s&p down even more than that. this has been the worst year for dow since 2008 believe it or not. and all of do yous losses are attributable to six stocks take a look at these and ibm caterpillar united technology and home depot an interesting mix here a lot of this due to whole trade discussion going on but some things that are company specifically goldman sachs bad headline hads out of india this was worst year for the russell 2,000 since 2008. let's talk about happy news here
8:58 am
amazon expanding whole foods now, expansion is not what we normally heard of that what we're talking about whole foods but that's exactly what amazon wants to do to bring customers in range of prime now this is company two hour delivery service. now, the story appearing in a wall street journal we don't have a lot of details. dongt know where the expansion will occur presumably out in the west -- part western part of the country. but i've got to tell you this is an interesting expansion because it will allow amazon to reach out to customers across the country with that two-hour delivery service. so -- if you bought amazon stock the expansion continues taigen and we're looking forward to 2018. >> oh yes we are gerri willis thank you so much. [laughter] that's okay. [laughter] been doing that all morning. i want to get final thoughts from everybody. mike. >> sure we've had a rough month of december one of my biggests fears is we have a situation
8:59 am
where where the bad market action affects data of a big believer that market affect data in market. chicago pmi came in better than fears it was decent number there was some weak spots but overall it was good. maybe that's a reason why markets are rallying here and watch manufacturing happy new year. >> once the slide starts, an i still e think it was interest rates are going up too quickly thinking that fed that was going to overreact and then technology stocks being overvalued once that slides starts then everything start to become a problem and a bear market can lead to a recession. and then you get a 30 or 50% loss on the market so that's a part of what you're talking about mitch rochelle. >> you are talk about triare with fed actions with 116thth congress and i'm cautiously optimistic for 2019 that something positive will happen. >> banned from the show. next year, for a staying cautious. [laughter] hey i'm going to end on
9:00 am
optimistic slow down growth not same as recession showing positive into the new year. >> and it was a pleasure having you and you and you here happy new year everybody. happy new year and charles payne take it away he's in for stuart varney. >> happy new years. i have a bunch of big stories we're following for you today a final trading of 2018, and a looks like right now rear going to finish year with a pretty nice rally started that way down almost 200 points all morning long and this is a new reason why. new reports that china and negotiators hard at work with right now earning out of framework for trade deals president trump tweeting over weekend growth just had a long and very good call with president xi of china. deal is moving along very if made it will be comprehensive covering all subjects areas and point of disputes. big progress being made


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